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About Us

Our goal is to teach the bible in way that is plain and simple, easy to understand. We seek to show the bible isn’t as complicated as many believe it is. Most folks can associate with the good ol country church and the southern preacher. We endeavor to replicate that system of teaching, giving the truth as a bonus to those that will listen.

We are part of the House of God, a 7th Day observing organization dedicated to scriptural truths and the word of the living creator in heaven. We keep the Sabbath and the holy days listed in Leviticus. 23. We keep the food laws given to us by the almighty creator bowing to His will in all manners and scriptures.

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Watch live church sermons streamed online every Sabbath at 10:30AM, then at 1PM

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Every wednesday evening Bible study at 7PM

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For your convenience, you may now give you tithe online. We will not send you any letters or call asking for money, ever! This is simply for your convenience.

God’s Sabbath is a delight to His holy people!

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